Professional Biography

My name is Steve Mellon, and I've documented life in Pittsburgh for nearly 30 years. I'm lucky to live in an era in which so many digital journalism tools are available, and I've tried many. I have extensive experience in reporting, writing, photography, videography, web production and design, and editing.

My daily goal is to produce stories that help Pittsburgh citizens answer the question, "Who are we?" I believe narrative storytelling has the power to create empathy and understanding among disparate communities. It is also a valuable tool in revealing the consequences of inequities as well as illegal or unethical behavior by public officials.

A bit of my professional experience: After working as a journalist throughout the American Midwest and South, I came to Pittsburgh in 1989 to join the legendary staff of photojournalists at The Pittsburgh Press. There, my colleagues and I were recognized as groundbreaking photojournalists and we dominated many national newspaper photography contests until the publication's demise at the end of 1992.

I spent the next several years working as a freelance photojournalist for a variety of publications, including The New York Times, USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Fortune and Pittsburgh Magazine. I spent free time traveling to economically devastated communities to talk to those left behind when industries collapsed and jobs disappeared. I told their stories in the book, "After the Smoke Clears: Struggling to Get By in Rustbelt America," published by the University of Pittsburgh Press in 2002.

I now work for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a family-owned newspaper that's been a vital part of the city's life for more than two centuries. 

Much of my recent work has been collaborative -- an enjoyable necessity in the digital age. I've worked with small teams to produce big, ambitious projects as well as daily videos and stories.

In addition to my work at the Post-Gazette, I teach multimedia journalism at Duquesne University.  I live in Pittsburgh with my very patient wife Brenda and daughters Chloe, Brooke and Jessie.

My colleague Nate Guidry (left) and I cover the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

My colleague Nate Guidry (left) and I cover the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh.